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Just some athlete.

Does the largest pic in the centre ring a bell? :P

So this is the legendary Part 1, saw it only recently. Yet I reblogged Part 2 way back last year lol. Still good nevertheless. (:




Baywatch, NUS? 

He got jizzed in the face?

That’s some mayonnaise. LOL’d

Oops. Who did that.

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Manhunt Singapore 2014

Featured about three of them so far. What’s your favourite number from those above?

Daryl Reeve Steve



He positioned on the left, so I can be next to him?

He’s very cute NUS boy!

Clarence can look quite cute too hahaha. (:


KC had just finished his waterpolo training and was extremely exhausted. The first thing he did when he reached home was to crawl up to his bedroom, which was on the 2nd level. KC then stripped his tight fitting t-shirt and shorts, put his handphone on the bedside table, and threw his bag on the floor before plunging onto his queen-sized bed.

Right into the 1st hour of his nap, he was woken up from his late afternoon nap by a loud noise created just right opposite his house. Clad only in his black Emporio Armani boxer brief, this ripped 178cm tall, with washboard 6 packs, broad shoulders, defined traps, forearms, and solid pair of pecs, university waterpolo captain stud dragged his feet to the bedroom’s balcony that overlooked his neighbor’s unit. KC peered over with his abs leaning on the railing, realizing that there were house movers moving stuff into the house. “Oh, the new neighbor is finally here. Let me get more sleep before welcoming whoever it is to the neighborhood.” KC thought out loud.

1½ hours have passed, and KC woke up to a vibration of his handphone. “Argh, who is this now?!” It was KC’s parents texting him to settle dinner himself because they were still caught up at work and won’t be back till late. “Right…” KC sighed. He then took a selfie while lying on the bed, showing a pissed off facial expression. And from the angle of the shot, his ripped bod was clearly captured too. Minutes after his photo was uploaded on Instagram, he garnered countless likes. KC wasn’t named ‘Mr Popular’ and ‘Mr Bod’ for his faculty for no reason.

He then realized he wasn’t the only one who’s awaked. KC looked down and saw his 6.5” thick boner peeped out the waistband of his undies. KC was feeling very kinky and horny as he hasn’t wanked for days due to his busy schoolwork. He stripped his boxer brief, reached down his well shaven crotch and squeezed his veiny rock hard dick. KC got out of his bed with his phone and sat on his study chair. He propped his phone on the study table and switched on the front camera mode. He adjusted himself where the camera could capture his muscular quads, ripped bod and his cheeky face. He then swiped to video mode and started recording.

KC started wanking his rock hard shaft while flicking his low hung full balls. After a while, he stopped playing with his balls and started to ‘juggle’ his pecs and then flexed his biceps and triceps. He stood up, turned around and flexed his muscular back muscles as well. KC also had a really firm and perky butt. He then turned around, walked closer to the camera, and all you can see were his washboard abs, defined merman lines and leaking red dickhead. KC gave a few fast wanks and used his finger to scoop off the precum, smearing on his ripped 6 packs. KC then teased by slapping his thick tool on his abs. He then sat back down on the chair, winked and flashed a cheeky dimpled smile at the camera, while pumping his dick away. With his right hand working on his shaft, he used his left to play his sensitive erected nipples. KC threw his head back and let out a slight moan. “Ah yes… Oh fuckkkkk…” He sure was enjoying himself. He then gave his pecs a slight squeeze and slowly moved down to caress his abs. When suddenly, KC’s stomach started to growl loudly. This high metabolism guy was too hungry to continue, he needed food for his hunger pangs. “Man, you sure are a spoiler! Alright, I’ll settle with you beast after I’m done with dinner!” He stopped videoing and chucked his phone aside on the study table.

KC tucked his still erected dick in his boxer brief, and went to the balcony and realized it was all quiet. The house movers had left, and the rooms of his new neighbor’s were brightly lit. KC then thought that it could be a good time to welcome the new occupant, and possibly try his luck on food. He went back to his room, stripped his boxer brief, grabbed a pair of grey sweatpants and a blue loose fitting singlet. KC didn’t bothered about the idea of going commando since he was just heading opposite. Down the stairs he went, and retrieved a brand new bottle of scotch whiskey from the pantry. With that, he grabbed 2 glasses and went to press the new neighbor’s doorbell.

The doorbell went off. A few minutes later, the front-porch’s lights lit up and someone opened the side door of the automatic gate. KC was then greeted by a topless sweaty buff dude, who was only dressed in his running shorts and he was heavily panting away.

“(catches his breath) Hi! (catches his breath again) And you are…?”

“Oh hey! You can call me KC, I’m your new neighbor! Didn’t know the owner finally moved in until this afternoon and I live just right opposite you!” KC pointed to his unit.

“Oh right! I’m Lester! Sorry, I was on the treadmill earlier thus the perspiration and panting.” Lester replied in his strong American accent, as water droplets trickled down his well-defined pecs to his sculpted 6 packs and merman lines.

During the entire conversation, Lester was stealing glances at KC’s bod trying to visualize how he looked naked. KC had a nipslip, showing his well-built pecs too as they were huge enough not to be caged in his singlet. He had really cute naturally pointed nipples, with his areola only the size of a 20-cent coin. The scoop of his singlet was so low that you could almost see his entire cleavage. It was a fucking hot sight to Lester, he was clearly lusting for it. What turned him on further was the outline of KC’s semi-hard dick with a slight precum stain on his sweatpants. Lester definitely felt a stifling in his shorts, but he has to act all cool.

“So sorry to interrupt your workout, I actually brought a bottle of whiskey to welcome your arrival to this new neighborhood. It’s alright if it’s inconvenient now.”

Of course Lester grabbed the opportunity. “Oh no no, it’s absolutely fine! I’m done with my workout anyway. Come on in!”

KC closed the door behind him and followed Lester’s lead to the living room. There were still boxes sprawling around the living room. “Sorry for the mess, I’m still trying to unpack my stuff.” Lester apologized. Lester then went to get ice cubes and put them into the glasses before KC poured 3 shots of whiskey into each glass.

“The 1st round we’ll drink it ‘neat’! Let’s toast to a new beginning in this neighborhood and to our new forged friendship!” KC said.

“Cheers!” both their glasses clinked.

They then emptied their glasses in unison.

Lester put down his glass on the coffee table and said, “Hey, make yourself at home while I take a quick shower. There’re some drinks in the fridge too, if you’re looking for mixers. Oh, and if you’re hungry there’s pizza on the kitchen table which I had them delivered just now.”

“That’s great! I’m actually feeling a little hungry as well.” said KC, feeling bashful.

“Alright then, help yourself!” Lester replied as he walked up to his bathroom.

KC then poured himself another shot and went to the fridge to look for mixers. He saw a can of ginger ale and poured into his glass. Being a busybody that he was, he decided to peek into Lester’s packed boxes. With the pepperoni pizza in KC’s mouth, he carefully looked through the stack of books and reading materials in the top box. And then, something caught his eyes. KC found some erotic/pornographic magazines in the midst. He took a copy and flipped the pages. All the guys in the magazine were either dressed skimpily or totally nude, and they were all in explicit poses and positions. KC watches porn on the Internet, but never before has he encountered a hardcopy material. He then heard the showerhead being turned off so he immediately put the magazine back and closed the box. Lester walked down the stairs in his boxers.

“You don’t mind right?” Lester pointed to his boxers.

“I’m totally cool with it, it’s your house anyway!” KC replied.

Lester went to take the box of pizza and placed it on the coffee table. Both of them sat down on the leather couch and KC poured more whiskey for Lester.

“So where are you from? Judging for your accent, you don’t sound local at all.” KC asked.

“I was actually born in Singapore, but flew to the States shortly and studied all my life there. And now I’m back here, hoping to find some green pastures. However, my parents are still in the States.” Lester replied.

“Right, so that explains your heavy ‘ang moh’ accent.” KC smiled, with his dimples.

“Yes you could say so.” Lester laughed. “So tell me more about yourself, KC.”

Both of them hit it off quite well. The conversation began to build up, and they even played games in-between resulted in KC losing majority of the time and the forfeit was to drink ‘neat’.

The bottle of whiskey was finally finished. KC was flushed, and extremely high. Lester was high too, but not as bad as his neighbor. KC then stood up, demanding for more liquor. He was obviously gone. “Hey hey, you’ve had too much, KC!” KC then took off his top, and began to dance in a drunken stupor. Lester didn’t want him to knock over things injuring himself so he stood up, grabbed hold of KC but KC tripped over the edge of the couch and fell on it, pulling Lester along.

Lester fell on him, and his face was on KC’s chiseled 6 packs. He gazed at KC’s alluring ripped bod and was getting really horny. Lester’s dick was getting harder and harder. KC’s head was thrown back on the headrest, with his head spinning from the alcohol. Lester then went up to KC’s chest and licked his nipples before kissing his neck. While Lester was licking his nipples, his hand was rubbing KC’s dick through the sweats at the same time. He could feel that KC’s dick was getting harder by the second. KC moaned softly. Lester then continued down south, licking all of his washboard 6 packs and reached his hairless naval region.

Lester knelt in-between KC’s legs, and pulled down KC’s sweats, revealing his huge 6.5” thick uncut veiny tool. He was pretty well endowed. KC’s foreskin rolled to the back, showing his nice and red mushroom head and the girth of his shaft was as thick as the dickhead. KC was leaking precum, and it slowly trickled down the underside of the shaft. Lester’s eyes opened bigger, in awe of this young man’s massive tool. He too, then took off his boxers and started wanking his hard 6” fully erected uncut dick. Wasting no time, Lester dived into KC’s low hung ball sac licking them. He then took his time to lick the shaft all the way from the scrotum to the tip of the dickhead, giving it a good clean. KC’s dick gave a sudden twitch, clearly from the sensation of Lester’s tongue. Lester slowly took KC’s massive dick into his mouth, and bit-by-bit he reached the base of his dick, engulfing KC’s entire 6.5” tool. KC moaned again. As Lester began to suck off KC, he was wanking his own dick really fast. KC then suddenly felt something different, like there was some warmness on his dick. He opened his eyes and saw Lester was actually giving him a blowjob.

“H-hhh-heyy Lester, whatttt are youuuu doingg??!” KC slurred, still feeling extremely high.

Lester was shocked. He stopped sucking, looked at KC and licked his dickhead and the underside of the shaft, and asked, “Do you feel good? Would you like me to continue?”

KC felt so good that he threw his head back with his dick twitching, giving Lester the green light. “Ohh fuckk, fuck yeahhhh…” he moaned.

Lester then took the entire massive tool again and sucked it vigorously. “FUCKKKK!” KC moaned loudly. This went on for a good 15 mins and by then, Lester’s dick was already leaking lots of precum. KC was breathing heavily, contracting his abs as Lester sucked him. Lester was fucking turned on. He then sucked the stud’s wet dick even faster and deeper and reached his hand to feel KC’s abs and flickered his sensitive erected nipples too. As Lester sucked faster, he noticed KC’s balls were packed tight against his body. KC suddenly jerked his whole body due to immense pleasure, and shouted “FUCKKK I’M GONNA CUM I’M GONNAA CUMMMMM!” Lester quickly withdrew his mouth and pumped KC’s dick as fast as he could.

“OHH FUCK FUCK FUCKKKK!!!!” KC shouted as he threw his head back and sprayed 5 consecutive long shots of thick warm cum on Lester’s face. Lester then immediately went to lick KC’s cum off his now extra sensitive dickhead, and sucked the wet tool hard again as KC’s dick was still stiff. Just as he thought KC had done cumming, KC suddenly thrust his hips forward and unexpectedly shot another 4 rounds deep into Lester’s throat. With each shot, he thrust his hips. As KC was shooting his load down Lester’s throat, he sucked even more vigorously with his lips grabbing tightly on KC’s pulsating dick. Lester was determined to milk this horny stud dry. “FUCKKKK!!!!!” KC shouted constantly as he pumped his seeds. Lester swallowed all of it and stood up to quickly wank his precum soaked dick, while playing with his nipples. He was so aroused already. “AHH YES YESSS YESSSS FUCKKKK!!!” Lester pumped 5 creamy shots on KC’s 6 packs.

KC regained some of his consciousness, sighed and asked, “uhmmm… Whatt just happeneddd?” giving a blur and confused expression.

“Nothing much. Just take it as I returned the favor for your whiskey.” Lester winked at KC.


End | Merlionboys’ Bedtime Stories

Story Credits: K



Zac Koh

I like him. :)

Me too. :)


How about another story from the author of the rather popular ‘Catching Up' tonight?

Manhunt Singapore 2014 Contestant - Daryl Ng

I like the first two and last pic best. One cute boyish hunk. :P

Now 7 or 8?


I believe that this original pix must have included his whole body, just that it’s cropped.. Do u think so, too? cobaltbycobalt

I guess so. But bottomline is that the photographer must have seen it all lol.

Contestants of the Manhunt Singapore 2014. So from here 14, 15 or 16? (:





Eddee Peh and his love story, Lance Koh… They look so pretty together! Awww!

Feel happy for them.  :)

Lance is cuter! :p

aaawwwww…. so adorable

Soooo cute.. *pinches their cheeks* hahaha. :p






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