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Tyler Lim - Partial photo series by @galen82

Is Tyler Lim gay? He's eligible but not attached!


I used to have the same thought. But after awhile I find that it doesn’t matter isn’t it? Still my eye candy gay or straight, not that I have a clue lol. (:

Is Lexson Marc gay ? Does he have a boyfriend ?


Hmm the captions in the entry of him here do suggest something relevant and interesting. Not too sure though. :P




Congratulations to the winner, t-rexrhymeswithsex,  who solved Puzzle #67!

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SG boys. Why so scared? Ask two hetereosexual colleague of mine if they care you post cock with face pic and they so not really. Please ah, nothing shameful about the human condition and body. Be braver can!


Ok I think we get the idea. I welcome you to my submission page here too. Be brave and submit! :P





Very cute and sexy ACS boy spotted. I am fantasizing about his body without the singlet and shorts XD And was that a little bulge that I see too ? :)

so perfect especially since it’s purple line

Wanna suck that la @@

It’s illegal for him to be wearing clothes please.

Now do you love or hate Singapore’s hot and humid climate? :P


On holiday

Spotted cutie or cutie spotted? :P

Manhunt Singapore 2014 Contestant - Reeve Chua

Definitely one of my top picks! Stay tuned for some others soon!

Fan Submission: “Merlion

I love your pic shared in the tumblr very much. Here is pic for you. Feel free to share. Support!


Army cap = NSF

Coloured hair = Not NSF

Army cap + Coloured hair = Cute ORDed Soldier lol.

I got a confession to make x.x I honestly I find that Russell Ong a great body but his brother Bertrand ong has the ' to die for ' smile and thats all i need haha !! What about you ?


Thanks. Didn’t know that he has a brother. One’s charming, the other’s cute? (:


Want a pic of a pair of undies from a hot hunk jamming up my car radiator fan? :p


:O Let’s see shall we? 

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Merlionboys’ Bedtime Stories

Singapore National Swimmer - Russell Ong (Part 2)

Not totally my kind of guy but his charming good looks still attracts my attention. (:

See Part 1 here.

Looks a little more recent. Still looking good. :P