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MRT hunks

Some examples of what’s served daily on the hottest railway tracks in SG lol.


Cute SG twins - Part 2

Honestly, I cannot tell the 2 of them apart. LOL. (And I must say that both brothers have nice bulges… *Slurp*) 

Bonus: One of the brothers was featured in 4pics1guy

Which is which? But then again I think it doesn’t matter isn’t it? :p

11 Months 20 Days

So, tumblr had been rather quiet recently after a series of events. I can only say that everyone is entitled to his opinion and you just can’t please everyone all the time. But I’ve also noted some of the general comments given.

Lately I’ve been thinking of creating a ‘Line’ group specially for me to interact with local fans of mine who are in favour of what I’m doing. This will also somehow be a platform where we can chat or share stuffs more privately.

I will not be disclosing my Line ID here, so instead please send me your ID via ‘Ask’ or email for me to add you up individually. Let see how this goes.

Cheers. (:

Not too long ago, on 8days shirtless guy of the week - Ian Chua!


I heard interesting sex stories about this hot guy in APP - secret….. slurp

The Lion Men Co-actor - Zachary Zhang

If my bf and I make out on my computer table and accidentally get loads of cum onto another friend's laptop computer, could the comp get damaged? Also, do you think it's a hot thing to do? :p


Oops, more than just making out. But I don’t think it will spoil so easily, if not many of you guys’ laptop should be spoilt by now lol. Though if I were your friend, I’ll probably demand for some form of ‘compensation’ lol. :P

Fan Submission: "Hotty alert"

Fan Submission: Really cute sg boy with 6 pack modelling for a local lable! Anyone knows his name?”

Have got no idea until I googled the four letters in the picture and bingo. I think you should google it if you really wanna know. Not sure about the 6 packs though lol.

Is JAC one of us?


Mmm.. JAC who?

Mister Singapore 2014 Contestants

Goh Chin Seng, Aloysius Ong & Winner - Andy Wong

How many ex does Jerome Alexander Chan has and who are they?


I wonder what difference does it make. Unless you want to model yourself after them. That will be amazing though lol.

How to send video to you?


Can try google drive, dropbox and stuff or you can email them to me directly if the file size permits.