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Remember the last two fansign submission events Season 1 & Season 2? Since the end of the second season, I’ve been receiving multiple similar submissions from my fans personally, however none of them came with any fansign.

So I guess it’s timely to have Season 3 at the same to celebrate Merlionboys’ 1st Anniversary lol! Another opportunity for my readers to show off their stuff at the same time receive rewards for each submission.

Something different this time for those who are more shy. I’ll be accepting submissions in clad in undergear. So hopefully we’ll be able to see more of my fans’ hotbods. See below for more information.

How to participate?

Submit a pic of yours in the following form:

a) Faceless full nude holding my fansign - in full glory

b) Full nude with face holding my fansign ;)

c) Faceless full body in undergear only holding my fansign (*NEW*)

Fansign message should include ‘merlionboys’. Size does not matter as long it’s genuine and not photoshopped into the photo.

From there:

i) Your submissions will be uploaded onto my blog anonymously for all my fans to admire (except option (b) upon request)

ii) If you would like a reward: Please indicate clearly and include a valid email address together with your submission and I’ll send you the links and passwords to it.

Rewards available for respective category:

1) Videos ‘goodie bags’ each comprising 30 (yes 30 vids this time!) randomly selected local videos for Option (a) & (b) above.

2) Videos ‘goodie bags’ each comprising 3 randomly selected local videos for Option (c) above.

Additional Rules

1) Reward videos will be pre-selected, special requests on a case by case basis.

2) Prizes will be released after the end of the event on a first come first serve basis due to sharing bandwidth constraint. So submit early to avoid receiving your reward late!

Season 3 shall begin today all the way till 19 October 2014! All submissions preferable to or here.

Looking forward to Season 3’s submissions! Comon don’t be shy! :P

(PS: Rules subjected to change and I reserve the right to reject any submissions subject to my own discretion.)

Season Recap:

Season 1 entries here.

Season 2 entries here.

Happy Birthday MerlionBoys

Time flies. This page of mine is now a year old.

I remember the feeling of excitement the first few months when I see the number of followers climb higher and higher. But I am now contented with the amount of followers I have ever since it crossed the 10,000 mark a few months ago. Never imagined it would come so far though.

Hope you guys enjoyed what I’ve brought to you for the past one year. Not sure how long remaining does my page have, but I hope that I’ll still be able to continue sharing what I like with all of you here while I can.

I shan’t be saying more because I don’t think that I’m good with words. So instead for the next few days I’ll be bringing to you recaps on some of the more popular entries I have. For e.g.





Meanwhile, write me a line and let me know what you think about my page, good or bad. I’ll be happy to hear from all of you. (:

Oh and stay tuned for another fan event cum giveaway soon. <3

Fan Activity Trial


Trying out some stuff for my readers who has cam. Probably starting 11 to 11.30 pm (Approximately in 2hrs time) local time.

Who’s up for some group cam activity later tonight?

- Activity closed -

Still happy even though it ended up rather unsuccessful both on boocam and skype. Way too tough to coordinate things I find oops. Still manage to see many lovely fans showing support. You know who you are, thanks! Till the next time. (:

Fan Activity Trial

Trying out some stuff for my readers who has cam. Probably starting 11 to 11.30 pm (Approximately in 2hrs time) local time.

Who’s up for some group cam activity later tonight?

Fan Submission: “hot water poloist, and a medical student no less ;)”

Look at those merman lines. Mr future doc definitely qualify as a Merlionboy no less too. ;)

I have submitted my entries and why still didnt post yet?! I still have alot of hot pics wanna submit to u!!


Actually you guys must know that I don’t upload everything I receive. But which are the ones are you referring to? How about dropping me an email, much easier that way.

Thanks for contributing still! (:

Fan Submission: "Let me know If you like them, I can share more!"

Hmm nicely taken, I’m sure I do. Let’s see if my readers like it too. (:

Hello I'm back ! Please kindly spread the word out for me thanks :). Hope that I'm able to stay longer this time :p.

Welcome back on board. (:

Left or right? :p

Hi guys, I’ve already got something like 50 user IDs now. Didn’t expect to have such a large group oops. So I’ll temporarily stop accepting any more new requests to join in the groupchat. I’ve started out by selectively adding up a small number just awhile ago, shall see how it goes tomorrow. Cheers! :P


Anyone knows him ?

me! :P

Fan Submission: "This is yumsssss"